Horse Skeleton 042 – Don’t Eat The Cake

Kent fanboys about legendary game developer Swery, Zac recounts a story where he was on the receiving end of a mugging, and Michael tells a cautionary tale of why you should be careful of what you eat. The guys also talk about LA Noire, the games of Swery and Everybody Golfs.

Horse Skeleton 041 – The Broken Computer

Lots and lots of Mario Rabbids talk this week. Leto talks about his fascination with dubs, Joel plays PUBG with some pros and Zac shares his passion for Kingdom Hearts. Also Austin’s computer crashed, mid recording. Join the discord to experience technical errors LIVE!

Horse Skeleton 040 – The Meme Games

Austin accidently gets a job working at an artisan flour mill, Leto starts changing numbers and values with cheat engine, Kent continues his descent into ‘weebdom’ and Michael digs through his companies old TV commercials. Everyone is playing meme games.

Horse Skeleton 039 – How Much Speed Kills a Hedgehog?

Zac watched a live podcast at the Sydney Opera House, Austin is back from a camping trip in Colorado to a hose full of pets, Leto played D&D with his Twitch chat and Michael accidently made a mud bomb inside his apartment. Lots of video game talk this episode including: Dauntless, Phantom Trigger, Yakuza Kiwami and the news from GamesCom. Stick around til the end for a bonus scene where we discuss youthful mutant turtles which have been trained in martial arts.

Horse Skeleton 038 – Don’t French the Mage

Joel talks about his experience working at a wedding, Leto has second thoughts about coming to America, Michael is still unpacking from GenerOZity and Zac got drunk and played a dad dating sim. Lots of actual game talk this week including PUBG and Sonic Mania!